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Please note that I do not farm out work. Every script is read and analyzed by me, and I do not accept work when I feel I cannot meet the deadline. I will advise you via email within 24 hours as to the status. If accepted, return to this page to make payment.

If accepted, it means I believe I can provide you with appropriate value, and do so within the specified timeline. Payment will be expected within 48 hours of the notification of acceptance, or the project will be abandoned. If abandoned for non-payment, no further submissions will be considered.

Do NOT make payment until you are notified that your request has been accepted! Return to this page to make payment only AFTER being notified of acceptance.

(SIC) Standard Industry Coverage - $65.00 / 5 days or less
An Executive Summary Scorecard is written as a synopsis of the concept and major elements, targeted toward potential buyers. Although it speaks to the elements of the screenplay, as well as a summary of the story and potential market, and includes areas where there is some weakness, it is NOT designed primarily to provide the writer specific help in improving the work, but rather, to provide an unbiased summary of the elements to those who may consider the work for production. This particular format is normally requested by production houses with an interest in the work, and a desire for independent analysis.

(WA) Writer's Analysis - $85.00 / 7 days or less.
Includes the standard industry coverage (SIC), but includes notes, suggestions, and detailed analysis of the elements, targeted to the author. It also provides conceptual and specific examples of weak areas, along with tips for improvement.
** Authors MAY become eligible for a 3 month Mentorship program based upon the submitted script. See the FAQ for further details.

(LSA) Limited Secondary Analysis $30.00 / 7 days
A repeat analysis on any script for which coverage was provided within the previous 60 days.

3 Month One on One Mentorship. See FAQ.

Requesting Services:
Send your request for service consideration to gapoz53 at yahoo.com, replacing the 'at' with @ and removing the spaces.. Attach your file as a PDF. In the subject line, please format as type of service requested, followed by the script name.
EX: WA - MyScriptName

You will receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours. This is not automated. Receipt of this means I have actually gotten the attachment and the response will indicate if the task has been accepted. If I am able to accept your task, payment instructions will be provided.

Protection of your script is your responsibility. All screenplays are inherently under copyright, but registration of that copyright is recommended. I will not share your work with anyone without your express written permission, and my copy of your script will be deleted when my work is complete.
Standard Industry Coverage - $65.00
Writer's Analysis - $85.00

Secondary Analysis - $30.00.