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Who the hell are you?

A young man, his pregnant wife beside him and in labor, frantically pulls to the curb in his expensive automobile, stops beside two men at the corner.

One of the men is a heart surgeon, dressed expensively and professionally. The other, an ugly little man in stained work clothes.

"Where is the nearest hospital?" the young man blurts.

The doctor pulls a pad from his pocket and begins writing instructions to the hospital he attends, seven miles away. The ugly man points across the street to an emergency clinic.

The Ageless Man has reviewed, analyzed, and critiqued over 1,000 scripts, from every level of talent. From novices just starting in the art, to Black List films that optioned for 6 figures. He is also a writer, with one produced film, and two currently optioned. He has studied writing, served as an intern in the business of script analysis, and provided hundreds of well received reviews.

With all that said, script analysis is always opinion, and the only one that ultimately counts is the person with the money to produce your work. What makes the Ageless Man's opinion of any value is the knowledge and experience that forms it, and his relentless dedication to following a criteria that provides for objectivity.

A word from the Ageless Man.

I have always believed that a wise man can learn something from anyone. I learn a little from every script I read, and endeavor to share valuable insights with the author, gleaned from my own experiences, knowledge, and training.

Why would you consider paying me to help? Only you can answer that. All I can do is promise not to tell you things I don't know, and to do my best to help you improve your script, and/or your skills as a writer.

I don't farm out work to interns. Every submission is handled personally. I do not overburden myself by accepting work I don't have time for. If I can't devote the time and effort you deserve, within the specified timeframe, I will regratfully decline your submission.

In terms of script analysis, I address Theme and Concept (Premise), Structure, Characters, Dialogue, Pace, Conflict, Logic, and the Writing. The Writing category addresses your style and voice, adherence to conventional format and presentation, grammar, spelling, and other aspects of presentation.

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